Welcome to our community!

Welcome to our new website!  We haven’t gotten rid of anything, only reorganized – so look around and feel free to send us feedback if you like or don’t like any of the changes we’ve made!

Keep an eye on your e-mail for periodic updates throughout the winter as we’re going to be making some changes in the Spring.  For instance, our location in Addison will soon become a parking lot . . . so we are headed back downtown (at least temporarily).  We’ll announce an address when we have a signed contract, but right now we’re trying to decide between a couple different locations.  Rest assured we will reopen outdoors on schedule (early March).  We’re still working on an indoor location as well and, while it’s a long process, we are making progress.  Again, we’ll announce addresses once we have signed contracts!

We hope the holiday season has been a pleasurable one for everyone.  We are excited to see you all in a couple months – hopefully you’re itching to get back on the trapeze as much as we are!